Before proceeding with any treatment you will have a full consultation with myself. This will involve taking a general medical history to determine whether you have any health related issues that may affect you proceeding with treatment.

We will have a detailed discussion in order to establish which areas of your face you are wishing to treat and the desired look you are aiming to achieve.  I will determine what treatments will be most suited to you in order to achieve your desired outcome, taking your budget into consideration as well.  I will be honest and discuss whether I feel any of the treatments I offer are appropriate for you and if they are not suitable for you then you may be refused treatment.

The procedure as well as the potential risks and side effects will be explained and if you require a series of treatments then a suitable treatment plan will be agreed.  If you decide to proceed with the suggested treatment then a 50% deposit will be required to put towards the cost of ordering your treatment.  The balance will be payable when you attend for your treatment.

When you have your treatment you will be required to sign a consent form.  Part of the consultation will involve taking a photograph prior to your treatment for record keeping.  You will be given verbal and written aftercare instructions.

It is advisable to have a follow up appointment 2 weeks after having your treatment in order to review the results, take post treatment photographs for your medical records and determine if any adjustments are required especially following botulinum toxin injections.  Top up injections can be administered which will usually be at no extra cost depending on how many additional units of botulinum toxin are needed.